Atom Trike™ Mobility Scooter

Transportation solution for VETERANS suffering from disabilities

Veterans, seniors and those suffering from disabilities are always in search of better solutions to make their lives a little easier. This was the feeling of Mayer Behar, when he developed what he calls the Atom Trike™, an advanced lightweight electric mobility scooter containing the latest in cutting-edge technology, which includes a high capacity, environmentally superior battery. Behar, an engineer by trade, was afflicted with polio since childhood and created his machine out of necessity and as a way to help others with similar needs. The Atom Trike has the chance to positively affect the lives of millions worldwide.

Joe Kaufman, Chairman and CEO of the Joe Kaufman Security Initiative, whose own mom suffers from multiple sclerosis, sees the Atom Trike™ as a way to not only better society and the lives of so many of our nation's military veterans, but to be a technological springboard to move us closer to a cleaner and more environmentally sound future.

Atom Trike™ is made in America and BBN patented. For further details, go to

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