Protect Youth from Their Proselytizing Professors

Help defend rights of students who are being proselytized to & abused in class by their professors!

In March 2017, JKSI Chairman Joe Kaufman was called to be the expert witness at an administrative hearing for Marshall Polston, a student at Orlando, Florida’s Rollins College. Polston had just received a suspension from Rollins, due to false accusations made by one of his professors, a radical Muslim named Areej Zufari.

Zufari, who had made outrageous and horrifically offensive claims in class, such as that the crucifixion of Jesus was a hoax, had filed a police report alleging Polston had been stalking her. Polston had proof it was a lie.

Kaufman was contacted to be a witness in the case, due to his prior dealings with Zufari. In 2007, while an employee at the Klayman Law Firm, Kaufman assisted with the legal representation of Rosine Ghawji, a woman who was seeking divorce from a former Syrian Muslim Brotherhood member, Maher, who was, at the time, having an affair with Zufari.

In December 2003, JKSI had convinced federal authorities to stop Saudi cleric Abdul Rahman al-Sudais from entering the US. Al-Sudais, who was set to speak at an Orlando conference, had announced on Saudi TV that Jews should be “terminated” and labeled Jews “the scum of humanity” and “the rats of the world.” Zufari, then-spokeswoman for the Islamic Society of Central Florida, had decried the censure of al-Sudais.

Kaufman brought this information and more to the attention of Rollins’ administration, stating that it was Polston who was the victim and that the school should investigate Zufari. Because of the involvement of Kaufman and lead attorney in the case Kenneth Lewis, Polston was reinstated and Zufari was forced to resign.

We ask that you assist us in our work in the defense of people like Marshall Polson, courageous individuals who have become victims of radical professors.

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(left to right) Joe Kaufman, Marshall Polson, Kenneth Lewis

(left to right) Joe Kaufman, Marshall Polson, Kenneth Lewis